AGE is just a NUMBER, Baby!

I turned 50 this year! Yes, Iʻm an OFFICIAL AARP Member! Which of course means, that many of my girlfriends and guy friends are turning 50 as well. Can you believe it? Half of a century has gone by!

I believe that every one should celebrate these milestone years by being captured on film! I was super excited when my dear friend JT contacted me for headshots for her new business cards. And I thought to myself, “HOW PERFECT!” I told her, “GIRL! This is awesome! We can also document you for your FIVE-O!” She thought it was a fabulous idea!

She got her makeup and hair done professionally, grabbed a few outfits and off we went to make magic!

Ger shooting JT

Hereʻs a wonderful sister girl who feels healthy, sexy and is embarking on a new journey in her life! Writing a whole new chapter and I know itʻs going to be a fabulous one.

JT_001_Touched UpJT_027JT_054JT_058Iʻm sooo proud of you, JT Girl!  Excited for this time as you are wiser, more confident, healthy as ever and designing your life! Letʻs rock this FIVE-O, SISTER!!!

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