Max and Jojo

I met Max the Monkey about 18 years ago…itʻs been a while since Iʻve seen him or his cute little Jojo that loved to hug him.


I was thrilled when Jojoʻs mom called me to let me know that the cute little girl was now becoming a young woman graduating from high school. Once again, I was like, “WHAAAT???!”
Capturing keikis on film has always been MY JAM! I donʻt even know how to explain it…I have a deep love and passion for documenting especially toddlers.


I love their JOY. Their authenticity. Their Light and their LOVE for LIFE!!
So new to this world and untainted. All they know is their own truth. Thatʻs it. They are who they are and are soooooo in the moment!!!

When Ange had contacted me, and keep in mind we had not talked in YEARS, it was like no time had passed between us. Iʻm so grateful that she reached out to me with no hesitation.  The next thing you know Iʻm asking her about MAX the Monkey (YES! I totally remembered MAX from that shoot at Moanalua Gardens soo long ago) and we set an appointment  for me to now capture her daughter as a senior.

The weather has been extremely unpredictable here in Hawaiʻi this Spring. We had to postpone several times and Iʻm so happy that we were all flexible. Iʻm a true believer that when it would happen the time, place, weather and lighting would be PERFECT!

Sure enough, it happened and it was perfect!


Due to the recent storms, the waters of Waimanalo werenʻt as aqua blue as they usually are however, the beach was still enjoyable and there was HARDLY ANY WIND which is always a blessing!

Jojoʻs wonderful auntie had lovingly created a beautiful Haku lei to memorialize this time which her mom helped her put on. And that lei happens to be a reusable lei! Isnʻt that awesome?

Such a fun time on the beach!


Jojo-laughingTime to switch it up and go botanical!

Jojo-Mid-TreeJojo-and-treeJojo-in-grassJojo-on-pink-chairBefore ending our shoot I made sure that we documented Jojo AND Max together.

As I write this, I am filled with so much gratitude and joy…tears fill my eyes because I am again reminded of how quickly time goes by…These little babies…they are only babies for a very short time. I am grateful for these beautiful parents like Angela and Jimbo who trust me to capture their offsprings and memorialize them in such a tangible way.
Amazing mommies and daddies who bust their butts with love and care to make life work and flow for their keikis!!!



For those of you who are new parents, just starting the journey, I highly encourage you to hold on to that one little thing that makes your one year old or toddler sooo happy. Whether it be a Max the Monkey, Thomas the Train, Elmo, their woobie…whatever it is that makes your baby feel safe and happy, keep it. Itʻs a reminder, I feel, most importantly for you, of a time when things were simple and sweet. I am so grateful that Jojoʻs mommy and daddy held on to these precious toys…a reminder of their precious little baby girl who is now walking into the world as a young woman.


And remember that lovely reusable lei?
Yes, it looks fabulous on everyone!!!


  One thought on “Max and Jojo

  1. Daisy
    May 11, 2018 at 5:28 pm

    Ohhhh em geee!!! I looove this sooo very much!!! I remember this little girl way back then and now look how beautiful she is!!!
    I’m so glad you were able to capture her then and NOW!!


  2. June 13, 2018 at 10:02 am

    Wow sweetie … this is so sweet! The photos and the story say so much about this sweet little girl who’s growing up into a beautiful young woman. Priceless!!!


  3. Carlton Hussey
    June 17, 2018 at 9:00 am

    Love how you captured the essence of JOY!!!


  4. Jamie A Blake
    July 18, 2018 at 9:13 pm

    Omg I love the monkey!!! I can’t wait to see our family in 10 years!


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