Hawaiian Legends

In 1984, three local Hawaiian girls from Kamehameha Schools took to the stage at the Waikiki Shell and won Brown Bags to Stardom, a high school talent show that showcased the best talents from different schools across Hawaiʻi. From there they became statewide to international sensations…actually legends!

I remember sitting in front of our RCA TV, glued to the screen watching these talented girls and was enamored by the song they wrote and performed. Their beautiful blend of harmony was extremely memorable, along with their catchy tune, “Local Boys.”  Since then, I have adored and loved them. Na Leo Pilimehana was my Hawaiian version of  The Bangles who, I believe every teen girl loved at that time. I mean seriously, who didnʻt love Susanna Hoffs!

Na Leoʻs songs have effected hundreds of thousands, especially those who have moved away from the islands for short or long term. They have helped to heal souls in so many ways. I can speak from my own experience. Their music brings joy, laughter, love and just good high vibes, you know? Great wholesome, awesome music. The kind that gives you Chicken Skin and can also make you cry in a good way.

Iʻm a firm believer of “thoughts become things,” the power of manifestation and envisioning what you want will become.  Just as I had always wanted to meet The Bangles in person, stand next to Susann Hoffs and have a photo with them or perhaps even photograph them, that became true in 2009.  Wooo-hooo!!!

Fast forward to 2019, 35 years since I fell in love with Na Leo Pilimehana, the same vision and desire held true. I wanted to meet them. Hug them and THANK THEM for their music. And yes, photograph them. And guess what? The Universe filled my request and even super sized my order!

I was so BLESSED and HONORED to photograph these three powerhouse talents in March of this year as they were being interviewed for their upcoming Oʻo Award, a prestigious recognition by the Native Hawaiian Chamber of Commerce. And howʻs this… it is extremely rare that Hawaiian musicians would receive this award as it is normally focused on entrepreneurs, leaders, or those who have devoted their lives to improving the health and well being of Native Hawaiians. These ladies cover all of these excellent requirements.

Sooooo….you can imagine how thrilled I was to finally meet and consciously capture my all time favorite Hawaiian gal band, right? And of all places, at one of my very FAVE places on island, Kamehameha Campus.


How awesome that the Universe would create this intimate time for me get to know them in a third-party sort of way. I learned so much about them while I shot behind-the-scenes photos. I learned that they were more than just awesome musicians. They shared  their fun school memories, their WINS, struggles and challenges during their 35 year journey of making music together.   These ladies are wonderful moms/sisters/daughters/friends…I fell in love with them even more after hearing and FEELING their humility and gratitude for the magical lives they are blessed with.

Magical Pics_015Magical Pics_027Magical Pics_023Magical Pics_010

After the interview I had some time to capture them where it all began. Right there on campus where they reminisced about their time as seniors.

I loved capturing them as they laughed and had fun. I envisioned them as teens. Oh the joy! And here they are, 35 years later, walking along the same grounds that they walked as young women ready to take on the world. And that they certainly have!

Magical Pics_117Magical Pics_127Magical Pics_094Magical Pics_098

Itʻs taken me a while to write this post because I had so much to say in my heart….
I hope what I shared here with you gives you a snippet of the overwhelming joy and appreciation I have for this magical time Iʻm experiencing.

I am soooo grateful for you, my new sisters. I have loved, respected and adored you from a distance, like so many, for 35 years. I am grateful to The Universe for fulfilling my order that was placed many years ago. Thank you, for being the lovely, kind, gracious wāhine who you are. It is an honor to be here with you now to Consciously Capture you as you continue to sky rocket on this amazing journey of life!


Mahalo nui loa, Nalani, Angela and Lehua, incredible sisters! HIKI NO!
Take it to the top, mareeez! Iʻm ready for you!


Follow Na Leo for Screen at Mother's Day

Follow Na Leoʻs amazing journey! Go to https://www.naleopilimehana.com for more information on their upcoming events and shenanigans.

Stay tuned as I will post their Oʻo Award and Motherʻs Day action here on my site.

ALSO, sending HUGE CONGRATS and LOVE to you, NLP for your NA HOKU HANOHANO Nomination!

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