Crystal Clear

Vegan Mark Harmon has the brightest, clearest eyes.
I am not even kidding you.
Mark Harmon_102

As a photo chick, the first thing I notice in people are their eyes.
When I first met Mark, I was astounded by the clarity and color of his baby blues. Absolutely stunning! I know that not only has he been gifted with these beautiful organs of sight, heʻs truly enhanced them with his plant based lifestyle.

Mark is a the founder and owner of the Naughty Vegan Tattoo Studio and The Good Vibes Center in Honolulu. Heʻs artistic. Heʻs an actor. Heʻs a social conscious entrepreneur. And an Urban farmer. Seriously, the list goes on and on…

Mark Harmon_133

Mark Harmon_131

What I do know about him is that he loves life.  He is all about helping our world to be a better place. He does the deep work while on his life journey, sharing his love for living and being Vegan with others, supporting the community by providing a sacred space for holistic gatherings. Iʻm sure heʻs got more good vibes up his tatooed-arm-sleeve.
Like his beautiful eyes, his life mission is crystal clear.

Mark Harmon_073

Mark Harmon_002Mark Harmon_013Mark Harmon_043Mark Harmon_076Mark Harmon_099Mark Harmon_113

Super stoked to know you, brother!  So fun helping to update your portfolio.
Thank you for being on point and bringing your beard comb! Love that you were totally prepared.

Mark Harmon_063

Looking forward to visiting you soon at The Good Vibes Center and if and when Iʻm ready for a tattoo, Iʻll be hitting you up at your VEGAN Tattoo studio, boyeeeee!

Ger and Mark
(Note: I wore one of my most favorite shirts on this shoot NOT KNOWING that Markʻs directive for his Good Vibes studio shares the SAME MESSAGE! Wooo-hoooo! I LOVE how the Universe works itʻs magic! Totally meant to be…)


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