From Wheels to Walls

Meet the delightful Andrea.

She is the founder and owner of one of Hawaiʻiʻs yummiest popcorn businesses.
For seven years, Andrea (also known as the “Da Popcorn Lady”), was selling her delicious treats out of her Popcorn truck.  I met her today for the first time because I was honored to consciously capture Kahu Lāhela blessing Andreaʻs BRAND NEW STORE!

Located in Kalihi  at 1549 Colburn street, she turned the Bronco Bar into this vibrant, cheery place which is now home for Island Popper!
Storefront.jpgJust seeing the storefront, I was already feeling blissful! And then I walked in and met the lovely Popcorn Lady for the first time.

AndreaThe inside is just as delightful as the outside! Oh the joy!
As Kahu got ready for her blessing I connected with Andrea for a bit.
Kahu-preppingShe had been happily selling her wonderful popcorn out of her truck for seven years and how thrilled she was to finally have a grounded space.
You see, she created her fresh popcorn in her food truck. Can you imagine how hot that can be? However, she has quite the following because what she offers is NON-GMO and cooked in 100% coconut oil along with organic, high quality ingredients.  No wonder that sheʻs an award winning business with loyal customers! Now, her customers have a cool, sweet place to come to with ample parking. And Da Popcorn chef herself can create in air conditioning. HOORAY!

I could understand why her business has been taken to the next level because of who Andrea is. Sheʻs action oriented, passionate, kind, sweet and filled with so much ALOHA. A fabulous recipe of being to be successful!

I love when a new business has the foresight to start their endeavor with a spiritual step.  Thatʻs when we know that new venture and itʻs owners are clearly setting the intention to be prosperous. They honor the new space, respect and acknowledge the spirits, are in complete gratitude for the journey and are open to success and abundance. Itʻs so beautiful! Thanks to a dear friend, Andrea connected with Kahu Lāhela.

The entire blessing with Kahu is a Ka Kou (together/WE) process where the owners participate in the of clearing, cleansing, setting intentions and blessing.
(Isnʻt that maile lei so beautiful? Andrea bought it from Watanabe Floral. Another successful island business thatʻs been around for decades.)










One of the focus points for Kahu, is blessing the cash register. Asking Ke Akua (The Universe) that Andreaʻs business have continuous financial abundance. And you know what? While this was all happening, this was taking place outside of her shop:

Peeking-InSOOOO COOL, right?? You guys! Peeps were so jonesing to come in already! It was so awesome! As soon as the blessing was pau (completed) this happened:


Andreaʻs FIRST Island Popper STORE Customer!!! And check it out, this is a SELFIE station where you too can take your own photos here. When you do donʻt forget to tag @islandpopper!


As soon as the doors opened it was non-stop for Andrea.

Customers.jpgKahu and I were sooo happy to watch her in action AND see all the happy faces coming in through the door. It was like being in Farrells! LOL! All the adults treating their inner child to these fun NON-GMO snacks.


Ummm…and how cute is this, peeps…Andrea provides a TOOTHPICK with each bag of Popcorn! HOW SWEET and THOUGHTFUL IS THAT!! Very helpful especially when youʻre eating the Furikake one!! LOL!

MAHALO.jpgAndrea, Da Popcorn Lady, CONGRATULATIONS on your CONTINUOUS success! THANK YOU for the ALOHA you put into your yummy products. We can feel your sweetness and love in every kernel. And MAHALO NUI LOA for welcoming everyone into your new space with so much JOY and gratitude.   Super excited for you and the positive abundance that you are manifesting because of who you are. (insert heart emoji here, please. like foʻ realz!)

My dear Kahu Lāhela, it is a blessing and honor to consciously capture you and the magic you do. MAHALO NUI LOA for your Divine service!

By the way, thatʻs DEUCE, Andrea and her hubby Jimʻs canine keiki! So cute yeah?


My friends, if youʻre a popcorn fanatic or know of anyone who loves popcorn, please visit Island Popper at 1549 Colburn Street and Share away.
Let Da Popcorn Lady know that Da Photo Chick sent you her way!

BONUS SURPRISE TODAY! You know Island Popper is a magical place when you unexpectedly reunite with a friend. We love you, Raymond Siu!


Spiritual Blessings and Cleansings: @kahulahela
Killer artwork by: @sergiogarzon
Da Photo Chickʻs SHOOTS Lid: @route99hawaii


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