I am all about being HEALTHY INSIDE AND OUT and on all levels of our being:
Mind + Body + Spirit
It starts from within and Iʻm a firm believer and supporter of superfoods + non-gmo, organic, all natural!

Ger Jumping in Volcano

Iʻm also a super busy fairy-mary-joy-generating-photo-chick who is ON THE GO!!! Iʻm blessed to have found a company that manufactures the HIGHEST QUALITY SUPERFOODS on the planet thatʻs:

  1. EASY to “eat” on the go – Itʻs like ORGANIC-NUTRITIOUS FAST FOOD!
  2. FULL of NUTRIENTS – Thereʻs too many HIGH CALORIC fake foods out there that have low to NO nutrients. Iʻve found the best guaranteed organic, premium, nutritious foods thatʻs easy to make in seconds. My body is being FED at a cellular level!
  3. Economical and reasonably priced – Letʻs face it. We know that organic foods can be pricier than itʻs gmo, who-the-heck-knows where itʻs grown veggies and fruits. And if you compare it to processed package, canned or boxed “foods” then absolutely itʻs going to cost a little more. HOWEVER, I am also about preventive care. In the long run, it costs thousands of dollars when one gets sick due to poor diet and lack of exercise. And really, the price breaks down to something to like $7 a meal. Itʻs ridiculously awesome! People spend that much EVERY DAY on a latte! And there is definitely LOW to NO NUTRITION in a latte!!

People ask me all the time:

  • Where do you get all your energy from?
  • How do you look so young? (Iʻm 51 this year)
  • How do you stay so HEALTHY??

Those are usually the top THREE questions when I see family, friends, associates or even complete strangers when meeting them for the first time!

Itʻs all about keeping your MIND + BODY + SOUL healthy.

And of course, BEING IN YOUR JOY!!

Here is my way  of how you can be BE RADIANT:

♥ Super Foods in an efficient, economical and empowering way! Go here and check it out. The website and videos are informative, educational and fun. AND I have a $50 Gift Code for you to use: LIVEALOHA
If you purchase more than $200 when you shop youʻll receive an even greater discount of 25% OFF!

Check this out! Even the beautiful Halle Berry is using Purium to stay super star sexy and most importantly HEALTHY!! Follow her on her IG. Sheʻs sooo AWESOME!

Halle Berry

MAHALO for checking out this page and for wanting to be HEALTHIER inside and out!
Go out there and BE your RADIANT SELF!!!





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