The Universe has our backs! I believe that whole heartedly.
We are here in this lifetime being supported by people, services, products, tools, and experiences so we can be in our joy, be radiant, and live thriving, vibrant lives.
I chose to bring into my life only high vibe anythings or anyones that the Universe blesses me with. I have chosen and continue to choose well!

Iʻd love to share with you the beautiful people, services, products and experiences that continue to help me live a joyful and inspired life!

♥ Spiritual Guidance and Coaching

  • Kahu Lāhela Johnson – The Pono Practitioner is a beautiful and powerful wāhine whoʻs all about helping to create flow in your life through Hoʻoponopono and more.
  • Keao Friedrich – My favorite Spiritual medium who works with pets and people!
  • Emma Kupu Mitchell – I lovingly call Kupu, “Tita Poppins,” because of all the myriad of ways sheʻs able to help raise your vibration.
  • Heid from Hawaiʻi –  My fellow goddess sister helps in fully experiencing the world around us while nurturing your soul.

♥ Make Your Life FLOW with Ease, Grace and FUN!

  • Boss Up Media – The company names says it all, doesnʻt it? These are my home girls right here who are super dedicated to helping you, especially if youʻre an entrepreneur, to get to your goals in a fun and inspiring way.
  • Fortuna The ALOHA Kitchen Goddess – Another fabulous sister goddess who makes life easier by empowering you in the kitchen which also feeds your soul.

♥ Financial Empowerment and Creation

  • Purium – I love this company! It continues to help me create residual income through helping others to be healthier with organic, NON-gmo super foods. Iʻve successfully created a six figure income by simply helping others to be healthier. So much fun! Check it out and letʻs connect if youʻre interested in creating another stream of income.

♥ High Vibe Apparel and Jewelry – I only love to wear inspirational stuff that helps to inspire and empower!

  • The Bead Gallery – My dear friends Jamie Yoshida and Jason Delmundo have the most awesome place ever to create your own high vibrational jewelry.
  • Route 99 Hawaiʻi – The best embroidered, empowering LIDS in Hawaiʻi!
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