JPG_4x6There are two main intentions which are a significant and important part of my journey in life:

1) Be Joyful.

2) Document and capture joy in life.

For over 25 years Iʻve been blessed to photograph many sentient beings which also includes animals, plants, flowers, nature…anything and anyone that brings joy.


Iʻve received awards, have had my photos published in respected magazines and periodicals….however, my most favorite part of this journey is  working, playing and creating tangible memories with incredible people through the years. Many of them who have turned into life long friends…

I am a proud island girl from the sacred place of Hawaiʻi. I love her people, the cultures, the lands, the oceans, the sky and the vibe and spirit of ALOHA.

I live on and with purpose, co-creating with Spirit,  raising the vibration of Mother Earth and her inhabitants by using the awesome skills Iʻve been gifted  with in consciously capturing peeps while creating a loving connection with them as I operate from a place of authenticity and JOY.

This is who I am and this is what I am all ABOUT.
I am a Joy Generator and a Photo Chick.


I look forward to staying connected with you, getting to know each other better and capturing YOUR shenanigans

MAHALO for visiting and if youʻd like to  connect and talk story, or let me know how I may support you, hit me up here:

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